Will AI Replace Copywriters? No, AI Empowers Copywriters.

Over the past ten years, we have all heard questions like “will AI replace copywriters?” About ten years ago, a now famous and often quoted publication from Oxford professors stated that the U.S. would experience 47% job destruction due to automation and AI. However, that never materialized despite the technological advances. Those researchers have recently published an update that acknowledges those eliminations didn’t occur as they projected.

Post-Covid, employers have struggled to fill open positions. We are now starting to feel the impact that there are simply fewer and fewer people entering the workforce. So, employers struggle to fill the openings generated by retiring Boomers and to support overall job growth.

According to several sources such as Blackrock and SeekingAlpha, this is one of the primary drivers of wage inflation. This situation will get worse over time. A slowdown in immigration is also adding to this issue of a shrinking labor pool. So, this will be more of a story of job disruption than job destruction.

shrinking labor pool

Copywriters and many other specialists will need to adapt and leverage AI tools to stay competitive and relevant to employers.

AI content generation tools such as ChatGPT are becoming increasingly popular and have the potential to replace copywriters in some cases. As AI technology advances, it can be used to create content that is almost indistinguishable from human-written content. However, the overall lack of available labor will result in firms continuing to grow despite the lack of labor.

Using this new AI technology, those firms that deploy both human copywriters and AI intelligent agents will outperform their peers. This AI technology is the ultimate leverage for productivity.

Will AI Replace Copywriters Or Not?

This revolution will undoubtedly lead to job disruption. It potentially could mean job losses for many low-quality copywriters, but there are also opportunities for those who embrace the new technology.

Copywriters must embrace AI and learn how to use AI tools effectively. Those who integrate them into their workflow will excel and increase their marketability within in the industry. Those who successfully embrace this technology will be 10x more efficient and prolific than their human-only counterparts.

Additionally, they should focus on developing skills that cannot be replicated by AI, such as creative thinking and problem-solving abilities which will make them more valuable than ever.

Advantages of Using AI Tools

Using AI tools can help save time and money while still producing high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

For example, an AI tool can generate hundreds of headlines within minutes whereas a human would take hours or even days depending on the complexity of the task at hand.

Furthermore, these tools often come with features like spellcheckers which can ensure accuracy without any manual effort required from humans.

Finally, using an AI tool eliminates any potential bias when writing content since it is based solely on data rather than opinion or emotion which may lead to inaccurate results if done manually by humans.

Benefits of Human Copywriting

Despite all these advantages offered by using AI tools, there are still benefits associated with having a human writer craft your message instead of relying solely on automated solutions provided by machines alone.

Humans bring creativity and originality into their work which cannot be replicated through automation alone; this ensures that each piece created has its own unique voice regardless of whether it’s written by a machine or a person.

AI tools don’t yet have the ability to perform fact-checking. This is a difficult task that I don’t see AI succeeding at for a long time. Heck, most humans have a hard time applying critical thinking skills when it comes to fact-checking.

Moreover, people understand the context of content better than machines so they’re able to tailor messages according to different audiences ensuring maximum impact upon delivery!


We have already seen that outright job destruction is not a likely outcome of the AI technical revolution. However, it is clear that most job functions will be disrupted in some way. We’ve seen this story before with the birth of the Internet. Many will claim doom and gloom, but the reality will be that AI will be a force multiplier and those who leverage it will succeed.

FAQ – Will ai replace copywriters?

Can AI replace an experienced copywriter?

AI can replace the lower-level tasks currently performed by a copywriter or content creator. It is best to think about AI as a junior-level assistant dedicated to the copywriter or content creator. Without an AI assistant, a copywriter might create 1-2 pieces of content today. With AI, that same content creator can produce 5x the output.

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