What is Synthesia?

It is an exciting time for the world of AI and productivity tools. After years of promises and potential, firms are finally starting to create unique and useful tools. We have seen a ton of AI tools enter the market in the past 6 months. I will update this post throughout the year to add firms and tools as I get a chance to investigate them.


What is Synthesia?

As someone who fears being on camera, Synthesia AI has grabbed my attention. Their solution allows you to create videos using an AI avatar actor. The resulting videos look professional. The AI avatars are realistic, but they do lack a bit of warmth. You can tell they are AI, but it doesn’t distract from the video. 


  • Use 85+ professional AI actors
  • Over 120+ languages are supported
  • Multiple AI female and male actors for all languages
  • Get professional voiceovers
  • Create consistent quality videos in minutes
  • No need for expensive studio-quality recording gear
  • The solution has full video editing capabilities
  • Each video can be up to 10 minutes
  • The user interface and workflow of the solution are straightforward


  • Pricing starts at $30 per month for 10 video credits. Each video can be 10 minutes long. 
  • One hundred (100) minutes of video for $30 is a fair value.

Potential Use Cases

  • Allows introverted creators to produce quality video content.
  • The tool enables more efficient production of internal training videos.
  • Automate the production of individual product instruction and how-to videos.


Synthesia is on my shortlist of companies to check out in 2023. Their technology could be a game changer for individuals and businesses who want to do more with their video production budgets. This tool is one of the most impressive AI productivity tools available today.

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