Best Midjourney Prompts Database – Ultimate List

Midjourney Prompts Database.

I created the GTR Midjourney Prompts Database after I realized there wasn’t a single place to access the prompts in an organized way unless you paid for one of the Prompt Generator services – no thanks. So, I’ve compiled these modifiers into a single searchable database. You can download the database to Excel or CSV if you want to keep a copy.

Don’t forget you can check out our Midjourney Reference Guide if you need to freshen up on the command and parameters of Midjourney.

Robot created using Midjourney
Created with Midjourney

Below is the GTR Prompts Database tool. It contains 750+ modifiers. You can filter the table by Modifier Type. Or you can search using the Search Box. For Example, enter Jackson Pollack into the Search Box to see all records related to him (artist, technique, style, etc.)

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We hope you found this Midjourney Prompts Database valuable.

Also, if anyone is interested, I make all my images public. So you can find them on my Midjourney profile website.


How can I learn more about these artists, styles, and art techniques?

I recommend visiting the following websites: Art Institute of ChicagoThe MetSmithsonianGoogle Arts & Culture, and Wikipedia.

How many of these prompt modifiers can I use in my /image command?

You can enter a massive amount of text into your /image command. However, it would be best if you remembered that the closer the prompt text and modifiers are to the start of the command, the more weight they have. So, there is a diminishing return to putting more and more modifiers into the command. Start with less than 20 and see how that works.
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