How To Use Midjourney AI: Complete Reference Guide

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Are you curious about how to use Midjourney AI to create art? Our Midjourney Reference Guide includes explanations and examples to help you understand how to use Midjourney AI and covers everything from basic commands to advanced techniques. With our guide, you can navigate the software quickly and take your art and image creation to the next level. Don’t let confusion hold you back; our guide will make understanding and using Midjourney simple and easy.

Our guide is here to help you understand and use Midjourney, a powerful image and art creation tool. The guide includes all the information you need about the Midjourney software, including how to use the commands, parameters, and the Discord user interface. Whether you’re new to the software or have been using it for a while, this guide will help you make the most of the Midjourney tool and achieve your artistic goals.

This guide is broken down into sections covering the basic functionality of Midjourney.

  1. Discord
  2. Midjourney Commands
  3. Midjourney Parameters
  4. FAQ


Step 1:

You need to create a Discord account.

Step 2:

Once you have an account, you can join the Midjourney server using the invite link. Once you’re on a server, you can join and participate in the various channels on the Midjourney Discord server. Think of each channel as a chat room inside the Discord server.

You can also use the Direct Message (DM) feature to communicate privately with the Midjourney bot on the platform.

Discord has various features, such as a call function and bot add-ons, to enhance the user experience. However, you won’t need those features to interact with Midjourney.

Discord’s user interface can be overwhelming for new users. You will only use some of the functionality to create images with Midjourney. It’s best to get started and ignore the features that aren’t critical to Midjourney. You will figure out the most efficient workflow and process for you.

Discord Support Resources

Discord Beginner’s Guide (Official Discord)

How To Use Discord (Insider Tech YouTube)

How To Use Discord: A Beginner’s Guide (

Midjourney Commands

These commands are the basic building blocks of a Midjourney prompt.

MIDJOURNEY USER GUIDE TIP: You will only use one of these commands at a time in the Discord user interface. For example, you would use /imagine followed by the desired prompts to initiate a new image creation job. You wouldn’t chain the commands together like /imagine /settings

/imagine Command

Usage: /imagine [image prompts] [text prompts] [parameters]

To use the Midjourney Bot, you’ll need to use a Discord Slash Command in a designated Bot channel. For example, in the #newbies-1 channel, start typing /imagine, and you’ll see an option appear above your text. Click or tap on the /imagine option to create a prompt field where you can enter what you want the bot to generate, as demonstrated in the video below.

You can also create the prompt field using the Spacebar, Tab, or Enter. Remember that Bot slash commands will only work in designated Bot channels. Typing the /imagine command in regular channels, such as #trial-support, will not work.

When satisfied with your prompt, press Enter to deliver your request to the Midjourney AI bot. The bot will create your images in about 60 seconds.

MIDJOURNEY USER GUIDE TIP (Paid Option Only): The public channels are heavily used. It can be hard to create and iterate images in public channels. Alternatively, you can start a private IM conversation with the Midjourney bot. The easiest way to start a private IM with the Midjourney Bot is by entering /help into a supported channel. Scroll down to DIRECT MESSAGES section. Click the @midjourney_bot link. Don’t forget to change your privacy settings to allow DMs. (check out the FAQ below for more info)

Upscale, Create Variations or Reroll

The bot will deliver four images in a 2 x 2 grid. You have three options at this point.

  • Option 1: Upscale an image you like by pressing the U1, U2, U3, or U4 buttons. The numbers correspond to the images starting in the upper left as Image #1.
  • Option 2: You can ask the bot to provide 4 variations on one of the images by pressing the V1, V2, V3, or V4 buttons.
  • Option 3: You can ask the bot to run the same prompt but with a new seed by clicking the button that shows a circular arrow. This will produce four new images.

The bot will present three more options if you upscale your image.

  • Make Variations works like the earlier option but uses the upscaled image.
  • Upscale to Max will upscale the image to the largest resolution possible. (usually around 1600 x 1600, assuming a square aspect ratio)
  • Light Upscale Redo rerolls the upscale, but the bot will add less detail. This is helpful for those cases when the bot “over-processes” the image. Very common when working in art styles like comic book, abstract, and impressionist.)


There are three ways to save your image.

  • Option 1: Click the image to open it full-size. You can then right-click and choose Save image as from the menu.
  • Option 2: Your upscaled image will be available on the website. You will need to log into this website using your Discord login info. The site is very useful as it contains a complete gallery of your jobs and prompts. You will see your newly created image near the top. Select the image and click the save icon to save the file locally.
  • Option 3: You can send the results to your Discord DMs. You must ask the bot to send the image by reacting with your image with the envelope emoji.

Image Prompt (Optional)

You can submit a personal image to the Midjourney bot to use as a reference image for your job. Image prompts always go at the front of your /imagine prompt command. The images must be of the following image types: .png, .gif, or .jpg.

You can either provide the URL of the image in the command. Or you can upload your image into Discord.

Example: /imagine blue sky with clouds –v 4

image prompt
How To Upload Image to Discord

Other Commands

/blend(NEW) This is an experimental feature that allows you to blend two images. Same as using multiple image prompts with the /imagine command, but much easier as you don’t need to provide image URLs.
/fastRuns each job in about 1 minute. This will consume your monthly allotment of GPU/processing hours.
/helpThis will show some general information such as Basic Commands, Account links, DM info, and links to official knowledge articles.
/infoUse this to see information related to your account. Displays subscription level, job mode, visibility mode, fast time remaining, lifetime usage, relaxed usage, and queued job info.
/publicDefault mode. Anyone can see your jobs and images.
/preferLet’s you permanently add a command or parameter to the end of all of your jobs.
/privateThis will switch your jobs to private. They will not be seen by anyone else except the moderators.
/relaxYour jobs are essentially free, but they will take longer to complete. Use this when you run out of hours in the month. Otherwise, you may be billed for usage.
/settingsThis opens up the visual user interface that allows you to adjust your image generation settings. Very useful.
/showYou can use this command to rerun an old job. You can get the job id from your website gallery or by “Reacting” to the old image with the “Envelop” icon.
/subscribeThe bot will send you a link to modify your subscription.

Midjourney Parameters

Learning these parameters will be vital to your overall success with Midjourney.

NOTE: Most of these options can now be controlled using the /settings command.

–ar 16:9
–ar 9:16
NoAllows you to specify the resolution aspect ratio for your image.
Full support of standard resolutions in versions 1 – 3
Versions 4 and niji only support square, 3:2, or 2:3
/imagine cute robot –v 3 –ar 16:9
–chaosNoRandomizes your output seeds. Values should be between 0 – 100.
/imagine cute robot –chaos 99
–hdNoAn older parameter that uses an HD upscaling algorithm to generate larger resolution upscaled images.
/imagine cute robot –hd

Using a specialized tool for upscaling is easier and better, like the Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI software.
–iwNoWhen using an image prompt, this parameter allows you to specify the weight to give the image.
/imagine https://example/dog.jpg a large park in anime style –iw .5
–noNoVery under-utilized parameter. Used when you want to try to exclude certain elements from your images.
/imagine scenic mountain landscape –no snow, ice, clouds
–seedNoFeed this parameter a custom seed number or retrieve a seed number from a prior job. Using the same seed will give similar results if your “stylize” settings are fairly low.
/imagine cute robot –seed 352234522
–v 1YesThe original version of the Midjourney algorithm. Some of the earlier versions are better with abstract art. Experiment with your favorite type of abstract art to see which version produces the best result.
/imagine cute robot –v 1
–v 2Yes2nd version of the Midjourney algorithm.
/imagine cute robot –v 2
–v 3Yes3rd version of the MD algorithm.
/imagine cute robot –v 3
–v 4Yes(DEFAULT) Latest and most advanced version of the algorithm.
/imagine cute robot –v 4
–nijiYesExperimental algorithm specialized in generating anime and manga-style artwork. It is still surprisingly good with photos, though.
/imagine cute robot –niji
–s 100YesThis tells the bot how much artistic license it has with your input prompts. I suggest you use the /settings interface to set these values, as they vary depending on your version.
/imagine cute robot –v 3 –s 1250
–stop 70NoSometimes Midjourney overprocesses an image during the upscale process. Use this parameter to stop the generation/upscaling process at a certain percentage. The number must be between 10 and 100.
/imagine cute robot –stop 80
–qYes(DEFAULT IS 1) The quality setting allows you to specify various quality percentages. The higher the value, the more it will cost in credits and the slower it will be.
(0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5)
/imagine cute robot –q .5
–uplightYesUses a less aggressive upscaler. Light results are closer to the original image with much less detail added. Corresponds to the “Light upscale” button in /settings.
–videoNoSaves the progress video of your image generation. The video will be sent to you in a DM after you react to the result with the envelop emoji.


I hope our Midjourney Reference Guide has shortened your learning curve. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to reach out using our Contact Us page or any of our social channels. You will probably get the fastest response if you reach out via social accounts.

Happy creating.


Why am I receiving a “Cannot send messages to this user” error when I try to direct message the Midjourney bot?

You need to change your Discord privacy settings for the Midjourney Discord server.
Step 1: Right-click the Midjourney Server icon on the left of your Discord client.
Step 2: Choose Privacy Settings from the menu.
Step 3: I menu titled “Privacy Settings – Midjourney” will not be viewable. Check the toggle button for the option: “Privacy Settings-Midjourney.” This should be the first option listed.
Step 4: You may need to exit and reopen he Discord client.
Step 5: They to DM the Midjourney bot again.

Do you have to use Discord for Midjourney?

Yes. That is the only application the Midjourney team has developed to work with the AI backend solution.

How do I cancel my Midjourney subscription?

Whether human or AI, sometimes relationships don’t work out, am I right? If you need to cancel your Midjourney subscription, follow these steps.
Step 1: Enter the /subscribe command in a supported channel or DM.
Step 2: Follow the link that the bot will return to Discord.
Step 3: You should see the “Manage Subscription” screen.
Step 4: Click the Manage button on the screen’s left part.
Step 5: Choose Cancel. Your subscription will remain active until the next billing cycle date.

How can I use Midjourney privately? I don’t want people to see my art.

Sure, I get where you are coming from. This functionality can be turned on for an additional $20/month for either the Basic or Standard subscriptions. Private functionality comes standard with the Pro subscription.
You can turn on the private mode by issuing the /private command in Discord.

How do I get technical support?

The best option is to use Midjourney’s #trial-support or #member-support channels. There are several moderators in both channels. Additionally, there is a support bot called “Charon the FAQ bot” that can answer common questions. I have had very little luck getting support any other way. Try to use the support channels.

What are the U1, U2, U3, U4 and V1, V2, V3, V4 that I see in Discord?

You can use these buttons to initiate upscaling operations (U1, U2, U3, U4) or variation operations (V1, V2, V3, V4.) The button numbers correspond to the sample images shown in the 2 by 2 image grid. The U1/V1 are assigned to the upper left image. The numbering continues across the first row to U2/V2, then the first image in the second row is assigned U3/V3, leaving the last image assigned U4/V4.

Can I set up Midjourney on my Discord server?

You sure can, and Midjourney has been kind enough to provide detailed instructions.

I used my allotted hours for the month. Do I have to stop using Midjourney?

No. You need to switch to the relaxed mode.
Enter /relax into a supported channel or DM.
Take a look above in our Midjourney User Guide for more information.

The Midjourney bot isn’t creating what I what. What should I do?

You have two options to explore.
Option 1: You need to dive deeper into Prompt Engineering. Try different styles, artists, textures, colors, etc.
Option 2: Use the “image” prompt parameter instructions in our Midjourney Reference Guide. This will allow you to provide the bot with reference images that align with your expectations.

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