How to Convert Canva to Photoshop PSD (2 Easy Methods)

Have you ever found yourself wanting to do something in Canva, but you just can’t get it done with that tool? Well, I have recently. So, I needed to find a way to convert Canva to Photoshop.

Convert Canva to Photoshop (Free Tools)

Convert Canva to Photoshop with Photopea

There is no direct conversion from Canva to Photoshop, however, there is a workaround. We can use a cool online tool called PhotoPea to help us. Essentially, the PhotoPea app is going to take the PDF that we export from Canva and convert it into a PSD with all layers represented. This is a huge time saver! Check out my simple instructions below.

  • Download your Canva design as a high-resolution pdf.
  • Go to, which is an online photo editor.
  • Open the high resolution pdf file (layers will be intact)
  • Go to File > …Save as > …PSD
  • Open PSD in Photoshop

That’s It! Pretty simple right?

Convert Canva to Photoshop (Paid Tools)

magicul 1

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to convert a Canva design into a Photoshop PSD file using the tools. Conversions using this tool cost $94 and up.

  1. Go to
  2. Insert the link to your Canva design in the provided field.
  3. Once the upload is done, you’ll see a quick preview of your design.
  4. Click “Pay & Convert” to start the conversion process.
  5. After the conversion is complete, you can directly download the PSD file.

The converted PSD file will have all text elements properly positioned and editable, and even the layers seem to be preserved. The Magicul design file converter allows you to directly convert and import Canva designs to Photoshop with only a few clicks, providing a seamless way to work with your Canva designs in Adobe Photoshop.


  • What are the most common issues with Photopea conversions?

    Loss of editability for certain elements: While text layers and basic shapes usually convert well, more complex elements like logos, icons or graphics may get rasterized or flattened, losing their editability.

    Formatting issues: There can be formatting inconsistencies when converting, such as misaligned objects, missing fonts, or color profile mismatches.

    Layer organization: The layers in the converted PSD may not be organized intuitively, requiring manual cleanup and restructuring.

    Missing effects/styles: Some effects, styles or blend modes applied in Canva may not translate perfectly to the PSD format.

  • How good are the conversions using Magicul?

    Quality of Converted PSD Files: The converted PSD files seem to preserve text elements positioning and editability, as well as the layer structure of the original Canva design.

    Reviews praise the high quality of conversions and ease of use of the Magicul converter. My limited experience with Magicul aligns with all other reviews. It’s expensive, but it works!

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